New Year/Same Weight

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I don't know HOW ON EARTH I didn't gain weight since yesterday! I'm not complaining, just commenting. I looked back at my food log on and I ate almost 2500 calories and about 28 carbs. I know there are a lot of people over on the Atkins website forum who say they have to eat around that many calories to lose weight! I didn't lose, but I didn't gain either. Although,  I may have actually lost. We'll find out in 5 days or so! Also, it's Day #2 of my "visiting Auntie" and that's usually the worst day for me (bloating, water retention, etc.). I guess rotating these workouts is really working. I did the 2nd level of the Jillian Michaels workout last night. It was tough. The good thing is it doesn't last long. It's literally 22 minutes. It's over and I'm going "Are you serious? That's the end? AWESOME!" So today is a running day for me. I feel good. I'm not sore or anything. I'm going to move on to Week #3 and see how that goes. 

Also, hubby said yesterday when he gets his year end bonus (which should be on the 15th) that we're going to get a treamill. We used to have a really ncie one, but we sold everything when we moved from NYC to Florida. I'm looking forward to having it again. Sometimes it's hard to run outside here because it's just so hot. Also, hubby is going back to college next week (so proud of him) and he'll be gone a lot so I may not get the chance to workout without the kids very often. Having the option of running in the house will be good.

Hope everyone has a fantastic day!


  1. bayoubabe // January 1, 2009 at 3:00 PM  

    Hi Penny, Have you tried Leslie Sansone 5 mile ?? its great, less than an hour and you are guaranteed to sweat.

    Wow, a New Year Already ! Have a Blessed One !


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