175 and HOLDING!

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My scale said 175 this am. I am hoping it's just because of TOM. This is where I've been hovering for the last 2 months. I will admit though, I didn't stick to plan the entire time, so hopefully I'll get thru this little plateau number. To be in the 160's by next week would really make me happy! I did really well yesterday, so there's no real reason why I shouldn't still be losing. My carbs, caloris and water intake were all awesome. I also started the "sweet free" challenge yesterday and I even did well with that. I still find myself  craving sweets a lot, so the theory is that you give up all sweet tasting things to try and overcome the addiction. So far, so good. Coffee is fine with heavy cream in it for me. 

My run was fantastic. it's getting easier and easier. I even got a little speed going last night when I ran. I am truly enjoying the Couch to 5k program. Today is "clean the house" day and try to get ready for the kids to go back to school next week.


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