where have I been?

Posted by Sweet Copper Penny | 8:49 AM | 3 comments »

Ok, I haven't even LOOKED at this blog much less posted on it in quite some time. I've been really busy, but that's honestly no excuse, because I really haven't been taking care of ME! So what started as a few cakes for friends and family has now turned into me opening an actual cakery!! Yes, no wonder I didn't stay on a diet, huh? LOL Actually, cake has been the least of my problems on that front. I suddenly just seemed to have lost my resolve for a while. The last post I wrote I was .2 pounds UNDER my original goal weight, and at this moment, I can't tell you exactly what I weigh as I've been avoiding it, but I can guarantee you it's probably about 10 pounds more than that, maybe even more! We'll find out on Monday, as I have made that the dreaded "day of reckoning" between me and the scale. I'm not really beating myself up or anything, because to be honest, I have been really happy the last 6 months. I think I've regained a lot of my spirit through this new business venture, but now I realize my favorite jean shorts are tight again and it's time to try to live more balanced, and not let my weight get back up to a point that made me feel miserable!

So that's all I'm going to write for now. I have website stuff to do today and am purging my kitchen of all things bad and making sure all of my fitness gear is still in good order so I can get crack-a-lackin' this week!