Broken Stall

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I guess it's official. I broke the small stall I was suffering! I've kept my wokrouts up very high this week. In fact, hubby made a comment yesterday like "wish I hd time to workout 2 hours a day!" I told him to shut up and that I don't hear any complaints when he touches my butt! LOL

I'm just glad things are working. I feel very tired, but in a good way. Like my muscles are tired every afternoon. I was so tired yesterday I took the kdis to the pool and half slept for about an hour while they played. Good thing I had sunscreen on!

I'm about to workout and then I'm off for a day of usual household shopping. Have a good one everyone.


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So I make videos of my kids dinsing and dancing and funny silly family things. Several years ago I posted one of these videos of my daughter singing a gospel song that we love on youtube. I knew it had gotten a lot of hits, like 1000 or so. Well all of a sudden I go on youtube to look at something else and my inbox is BOMBARDED. Apparently now my daughter's video has been seen by 135,026! She's outside playing right now but I can't wait to show her when she comes in.

How exciting!

Every little ounce counts!

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I haven't written much lately. My kids have been sick. I've been working my behind off trying to get past this stall. I think I've done it! I'm at 165 today! YEAH! I keep reminding myself that I don't have that much more to lose. I'll be THRILLED to weigh 145 in fact! 

I haven't run in a few days because the kids have been home sick. I think I might run tonight.

Stuck at Route 166

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Ok, my scale hasn't moved a bit! I don't know what's going on. I guess these last 21 pounds are just going to come off super slow! Whatever. I'll play along. I don't feel hungry, but when I look at what I'm eating everyday, I fear I'm not eating enough. Yesterday I only ate about 1100 calories and about 8 carbs. The day before that I had about 950. I think I need to up the caloric intake a bit because I'm working out like crazy. Today I ran 3 miles and had a burst of energy when I got home and so I did my 55 minute 1980's kick butt FIRM dvd, followed by my 35 minute Fat Blasting Cardio DVD.  I feel really good, but I must admit, I'm hungry tonight. As we speak, I'm waiting for hubby to get home and he doesn't know it yet but he's taking us out for peel and eat shrimp and naked chicken wings. LOL

I figured today that if I end up only losing a pound a week for the next 20 weeks, with this same workout schedule I usually follow (which is really on average an hour of intense exercise 6 days a week) that I'll still look hot by summer! HA HA HA Vanity. The Ultimate Motivator!


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So I just spent the last 4 days either taking care of someone who was fatally vomitting, or fatally vomitting myself! All 4 of us got this horrible stomach flu (my son apparently brought it home from Pre-K) and I have been in bed for 3 days. I FINALLY feel human again today. However, I woke up only to look around the house and see what really happens when Mommy takes a day off. It looks like a hurricane came through here! On top of that, any time anyone in the house gets sick, I wash EVERYTHING. So, today everything is getting washed in hot water (blankets, pillows, towels, etc) and the new floors are getting a good bleaching! 

I haven't worked out since Friday and I am desperate to run today. I'm going to take it easy though. I also haven't stepped on a scale since then. Hubby told me this morning he lost 5 pounds from the flu, so maybe I did too. I haven't eaten much at all in the last 3 days so I would not be surprised.