Stuck at Route 166

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Ok, my scale hasn't moved a bit! I don't know what's going on. I guess these last 21 pounds are just going to come off super slow! Whatever. I'll play along. I don't feel hungry, but when I look at what I'm eating everyday, I fear I'm not eating enough. Yesterday I only ate about 1100 calories and about 8 carbs. The day before that I had about 950. I think I need to up the caloric intake a bit because I'm working out like crazy. Today I ran 3 miles and had a burst of energy when I got home and so I did my 55 minute 1980's kick butt FIRM dvd, followed by my 35 minute Fat Blasting Cardio DVD.  I feel really good, but I must admit, I'm hungry tonight. As we speak, I'm waiting for hubby to get home and he doesn't know it yet but he's taking us out for peel and eat shrimp and naked chicken wings. LOL

I figured today that if I end up only losing a pound a week for the next 20 weeks, with this same workout schedule I usually follow (which is really on average an hour of intense exercise 6 days a week) that I'll still look hot by summer! HA HA HA Vanity. The Ultimate Motivator!


  1. Harry // February 6, 2009 at 11:19 PM  

    Howdy, Penny.

    I think you may be right. Your total caloric intake seems quite low - especially given your activity level.

    Do you know what your average calorie intake was when you were losing at a quicker pace? Maybe you could use that as a guide?

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