Silly Dog

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Yesterday I spent a bulk of the afternoon touching up trim from where the carpet had been removed and the new tile was installed. Dumb-dumb (aka  Stupid Reindeer or Buzz Lightyear or otherwise known as "THAT dog") decided to curl up in a freshly painted corner and is now spotted with white paint! He feels so ashamed. LOL

I THINK I finally got all of the tile dust up enough that we reloaded the living room with furniture last night. I took a picture before though. It's really very nice. It feels very "Miami" in here now. 

I'm down 1 pound today. YEAH for me. I worked out really hard yesterday. I did 40 minutes of pilates and then an hour of THE FIRM. I'm not even sore today, but I am noticing my tummy muscles engaging more often. 


  1. Harry // January 14, 2009 at 11:51 AM  

    Good going on the solid exercise routine, Penny. Congrats on the loss as well! :)

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