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My best friend and her husband came to town from NYC on Friday afternoon. They are planning a move here in February so they came down to look for an apartment. Her mom also lives here. So, Firday night we packed up the kids and went over there. They were so sweet in regards to my diet. We made fondue, which was totally low carb friendly and very wonderful. However, I don't know about that bottle of cabernet that I killed. LOL

So yesterday I ended up in bed most of the day sleeping off an intense hangover. It's nice that hubby let me do that. He's awesome. He took care of the kids all day and didn't say a word. 

I didn't work out Friday or Saturday, but I'm back at it today. I am almost up to running 30 full minutes. It's gorgeous outside and a perfect day for a run. Then I think I'll follow that up with an upper body workout.

UPDATE: I can't take 2 days from running anymore! It was SO hard to get thru 25 straight minutes, but I did it. Then I came home and did a 45 minute THE FIRM Total Muscle Shaping. I have jerk chicken thighs in the oven and I'm going to make a broccoli and cheese casserole. YUMMY!


  1. Mrs. Sheila // January 25, 2009 at 8:29 AM  

    Glad you had a GREAT time with your friends, and that they are moving closer! We all have those "sleep it off" moments! Have a beauitful Sunday.

  2. Harry // January 25, 2009 at 10:45 PM  

    Way to bounce back, Penny!

    That's the key. Get back to what's working for you.

    Continued success!

  3. jinxxxygirl // January 27, 2009 at 9:31 AM  

    I know what you mean . Many times the thought of losing fitness is enought to get me out there running. Because no way do i want to go back to how hard it used to be to run. I don't know if i could do it all again. So that fear helps me out the front door many days. Since i started a year ago i've never taken more than two days off from running in a row. Knock on wood i haven't been really sick or anything either so i've been lucky. I dread when that happens. Take care girl! Thanks for all your wonderful comments on my blog. You might want to check out my daughters blog. i follow her she's the marathon_medic/do something for yourself. She's lonely because noone comments on her blog or follows her but me. LOL! She's trying to lose weight to get in the Airforce. Jinx!

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