I LOVE Mondays

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Isn't that crazy? I really do love Monday. I think that I just enjoy the "routine" and consistency of my weekdays as opposed to the weekends. The weekdays are MINE to plan, do and make happen. While I love being with my husband on the weekends, I just don't get as much done when he's home! Sad, but true! I did fine without drinking this weekend. I will admit that the weekend was kind of boring, but that's mostly because we're kind of broke until payday, so we hung around at home and watched it rain, playing Wii and letting the kids have friends over.

I ate like an angel all weekend. I had fun cooking with Sebastian again on Saturday night, and I think he and I are going to make a recipe scrapbook this summer while he's home. I can't wait for the kids to be out of school on Thursday. I have lots of fun summer plans for us!

The BEST news I have to share is that I'm no well under 160!! YEAH!! I don't think I've been there in at least 2 years. maybe longer! It feels great and I can't wait to see what this next month holds for my body! Exercise is so amazing. Our bodies are really miraculous works of art and machinery!


  1. jinxxxygirl // June 6, 2009 at 2:43 PM  

    Okay woman i'm trying to leave you a comment! Looks like you got it fixed. Yeah!!! Theres no need to give me your weight for this contest. Its strictly by the honor system. I have to have how much you lost or gained by Friday night Saturday at the latest if you contact me and let me know your a little late. Once i move the pieces on the game board and take a photo then thats it until the next week. You'll just have to carry your loss or gain til then. Which will suck cause your playing piece will just sit there for a week. So keep in touch. Posting more soon. Jinx!

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