Father's Day

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Today is a day to celebrate my beautiful, sweet, handsome husband! I am wearing his favorite little sun dress today (mind you, this thing didn't even squeeze over my hips a few months ago!) and my son and I are cooking him beef bourguignon, mashed potatoes, peas, garlic bread, and peanut butter cup brownies. None of this is especially diet friendly, but I've learned that I can eat just about anything I want if done in moderation so I'm not worrying about it! My boys are already on the Wii trying out the new WWII game I got for him. Later we'll get out the other few presents we've been hiding for Dad.

Earlier I was out walking the dog behind our townhouses on the creek and my next door neighbor was on her back porch cleaning her sliding doors. She just had a baby in November so I don't get to chat with her often. She immediately turned to me when she saw me and asked "ok, so what's your secret?" I had no idea what she was talking about at first. Then she said "how have you lost so much weight and gotten that muscular so quickly? You look amazing!" It is nice to know that people are noticing my efforts. I told her there's no real secret, simply eat less, move more! I told her how I workout almost every morning in front of the tv and I think she's going to start bringing the baby over a few times a week so we can workout together. That should be fun! It's always nice to have a partner!

Well, I'm off to Publix. I realized I had forgotten flour for the beef! I don't ever have flour in the house. I also need some beef broth. I've had the meat, onions, carrots and herbs soaking overnight in a nice bottle of burgundy wine. I can't wait to taste it tonight!


  1. jinxxxygirl // June 21, 2009 at 9:11 AM  

    Sounds like a nice fathers day planned. Took hubby out for father day steak dinner with fried mushrooms yesterday to try to avoid the crowds. MMMmgood! We get so tired of celbrating the holidays .....theres seems to be so many...LOL! We've just chose to make some low key. Mother's Day and Father's Day we leave in the hands of our grown children. They are 22 and 28 years old and can surely remember they have parents on those days. LOL! So far neither one has called their dad so i have my fingers crossed they don't forget. That would be sad. Our big holiday is Christmas. We go all out for that. We are usually still burned out by Valentines day that it is usually low key. We'll do something korny like one year i covered his red pick up with those plastic cling hearts. I KNOW he only heads out to his truck with just enough time to get to work so he wouldn't have time to take them all off and he'd have to drive it that way...LOL! Priceless! Enjoy your day. Jinx!

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