Ugly Cake!

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A few weeks ago my husband called from work and asked me if I'd ever seen an "ugly doll."

I had no idea what he was talking about so I went to the website and said "ok, what about them?" Then he asked if I could make a cake for a co-worker's wife who collects them. Apparently the guy wanted to surprise her for her birthday. I said sure. It seemed like an easy enough task and we agreed I'd call this guy and work out the details. Well, what started as a seemingly simple task turned into a true stressful ordeal. First the guy tells me his wife is lactose intolerant. OK, I can handle that so I ask him what flavor cake he'd like. (I'm thinking chocolate or vanilla, right?) He told me "well, I'd really like it to be a peach, caramel and vanilla cream cake." I was thinking "great, let me whip that recipe right out of my ass!" Then I asked him which doll he wanted me to make. He told me he wanted the one called "Suntan Target" - ok, this is the one with 5 arms and hair! See what I mean - a simple project gone bad!
Well, I JUST NOW AT 2:08AM FINISHED THE CAKE! It turned out awesome and I can't wait for him to pick it up tomorrow. However, I am a dumb dumb because I charged him $100 for the cake and tonight when I added up what it cost me to get all of the lactose free stuff and the huge supplies of fondant, I spent $70! So I guess with my $30, I probably made about $.05 an hour. LOL Oh well, another addition to my ever growing collection of hobbies. Now I'll be spending all day tomorrow getting the black and orange food coloring out of finger nails!


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