Off to a Great Start

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Yesterday was a really good day. After I finished my usual morning chores (sweeping, mopping, a load of laundry, taking care of hubby, son, and animals) I worked out with Cathe Friedrich for almost 2 hours. I did her supersets DVD, which is a great strength training routine and then I followed it up with a step aerobics workout. By the way, even though I ate off plan this weekend, I still managed to workout both Friday and Saturday. I probably would have worked out on Sunday too, but I figured a full day at a water park climbing stairs was probably good enough.

A mood struck me to start painting yesterday afternoon. I had been putting off painting the trim in my hallway that goes upstairs for about 4 months. I finished it in just a few hours and had paint left in the pan, so I moved into my bathroom, which is the next room on my list that needs to be painted. I think today after I work out I'll get that room completely done.

Last night I still had some energy and felt like eating something bad so I popped in Jillian Michael's Metabolism Boosting dvd. 2 months ago, this dvd almost killed me. It's straight up, mostly intense old school cardio and back then I'd have to take lots of little 5 second breaks to even get thru it. Well, last night I kept thinking "why did I think this was so difficult?" the entire way thru. It's nice when you can finally feel yourself getting stronger. Honestly, I give most of that credit to Cathe Friedrich. She's really good and her dvd's are tough and smart. I'm doing another one today and can't wait to see how my weigh in goes on Thursday now!


  1. Harry // July 7, 2009 at 6:41 PM  

    Great job on upping your fitness level, Penny. That's fantastic! High five! :-)

  2. jinxxxygirl // July 8, 2009 at 8:19 PM  

    Froggie Reminder for Thursday. Final weigh in of contest!!! LOL! JInx!

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