The Story of My Life

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Yesterday, after my "run/jog/walk", I decided I would put on my Ipod, draw a lavender scented concoction of goodness in a perfectly tempered tub of water, and do the next meditation lesson belonging to the series "Inside Out Weight Loss." So there I was , eyes closed, relaxing, really visualizing my perfect body and grasping how that body might feel, when all of a sudden I hear the loudest flatulence EVER! I open my eyes and to my horror my 9 year old daughter, Josephine has let herself in and is sitting on the commode right next to me taking a gigantic poop! YES, in the middle of MY spiritual awakening! Three toilets in the house, completely unoccupied, and she decides that THIS is the one she must use. Needless to say, it was difficult to concentrate after that, but I did get a good chuckle out of it later when I reiterated the wretched ordeal to my husband.

On a more serious note, I weighed in on Saturday, December 27th (which is my NEW official start date) at 177 pounds. My highest weight (without being preggo of course) is 178, so at least I didn't gain EVERYTHING back over the holidays! As of this  morning, I was 175 pounds. I'm shooting for a goal of 135 by June 1st, which is less than 2 pounds per week. I think this is reasonable with my efoorts. I'm not going bananas and starving myself and I'm not eating 10 carbs a day. I keep my carb intake between 20-25, with 12-17 of those carbs coming from vegetables on the acceptable foods list. So really, I'm on the first rung of Atkins OWL. If I find I'm not losing 2 pounds per week, I will drop my carb intake strictly to 20 carbs and go from there.

It's going to be a great week this week! I'm claiming it and that, my friends, is the NEW story of my life!


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