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I just finished my 2nd successful attempt at Couch to 5k. I actually skipped ahead to the 2nd week's workout, as Week 1 seemed too easy when I did it on Sunday. I kind of figured this program was meant to start people out who don't workout at all. Amazingly enough, even chubby, I DO workout. I workout a lot in fact, and have regularly since June of this year. I found the 2nd week's running routine to be a bit easy also. On Thursday I may go ahead and move on to Week 3. I know you're not supposed to do that, but hey, if I were a rule follower I wouldn't be me, now would I?

I want to take a minute to pat myself on the back here though. Yes, I can run 2 minutes without dying. In fact, I can SING and run for 2 minutes without dying. "Big deal," some may say. Well, for me this is a HUGE deal. You see, I quit smoking in July of this year. I know it's only been 6 months, but this is the longest I've EVER gone without a cigarette in my ENTIRE ADULT LIFE (and yes, I'm ashamed to admit that is even to include during my pregnancies, when I'd sneak one in once a month or so when no one was looking!) Not only did I quit, but I quit cold turkey, with no pills, no patches, no mints, NOTHING. I had attempted this MANY MANY times, and never made it past a few days, but this time was different. Something just CLICKED for me. I believe it was my mother that did it. You see, she's in a nursing home. She's only 62 and in a nursing home. Sad, isn't it? I could go into a million things about that, but I'll skip past all the reasons why and just tell you I was on the phone with her one afternoon checking in and saying hello when all of a sudden she said "I have to go. They're coming to take me out for my smoke break. Love ya, bye." and she hung up. I thought, "How sad! My mother lives her entire life from 1 cigarette to the next." And my next thought was "Oh my. So do I!" And that was it. I smoked my last cigarette that day and I've never looked back. I think I finally just grasped the idea that I can't EVER AGAIN smoke a cigarette. If I smoke even 1, I might as well buy a carton and put on a Marlboro t-shirt!

So, I feel really good about this. I'm quite aware that quitting smoking added 15 pounds to my ass. It's ok. My ass will shrink. I'm quite aware that I'm now one of those self righteous reformed smokers who coughs and waves her hand when I smell someone smoking. I don't care. If that's what it takes for me to never smoke again, then so be it! 

Now, my next "grand task" is to apply those same principles that got me off of cigarettes to my eating habits. I have to stop living from one meal to the next. Stop obsessing about my weight. Stop obsessing about food. When I can accomplish that, I will have "gotten it!" Well, at least until the next big "addiction" in my life comes along. LOL


  1. Oct // December 30, 2008 at 7:20 PM  

    You really should be proud that you were able to quit just like that. My dad has tried and tried and finally gave up. I get so angry at how he is treated by the medical establishment. No matter what is wrong with you, if you smoke, that is the reason. *rolls eyes* ... Good for you with both the quitting and with the running. Wow! :)

  2. bayoubabe // December 31, 2008 at 6:47 AM  

    I was a coke-a-holic.. downing 3 to 4 12 ounce coke a DAY.

    It is very difficult to go from one 'season' as I call it to another.

    That's one reason I dont like 'long term goals'. I live each day for every day. and ENJOY it.

    Congrats on your stopping smoking.

  3. jinxxxygirl // December 31, 2008 at 7:00 AM  

    Wow! Look at the strength you have in you!My mother in law did the same thing when her new hubby mentioned he didn't like her smoking. She laid them down and never looked back. That was what 30 some years ago.
    I think quitting smoking is a little easier than getting your eating under control. Because the cigarettes you can walk away from cold turkey but you have to eat. You can't just stop eating. But you'll get it figured out. You've got some amazing willpower girl! Jinx!

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