Long time, no write!

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I haven't written on here in quite some time. I don't know why. Well, that's a lie. Yes I do. I completely fell off the wagon for a while there and it took me some time to get a grip on things.

Worst of all, I started smoking again in late February. Within days I was right back to a pack a day habit. It took me until mid April to realize what a fool I was after having worked so hard to quit in June! So, I put the patch back on, sucked it up, realized that I can NEVER have just ONE cigarette, and got back on that train. Of course, since I was smoking, what the heck, why work out? You can't breathe anyway, right? And since you can't exercise, why bother eating right? It's a complete snowball effect for me and I fell right into it. When I finally realized what was going on, I was back up to 172 pounds!

However, for the last 6 weeks, things have been back on track. I'm working out like crazy and while I've only gotten down to a mere 160.5, my body has gotten a lot smaller and the entire shape of it has changed. I've also gone off of the Atkins diet and switched to a 1200 calorie, lower fat, high protein, no sugar, no refined carb diet. The carbs I eat are in the form of veggies, fruits, and a few whole grains like double fiber bread, flax seed wraps, the occasional brown rice and skim milk. I'm actually enjoying food a lot more now and I feel just as satisfied eating this way. I REALLY love my fruit/milk/yogurt/protein powder shakes and I am addicted to turkey wraps loaded with veggies and dijon mustard. 

So anyway, that's my update. I'm going back to school in August. I decided I want to become a teacher. I have a degree already so it isn't going to take me long to accomplish that. I'm hoping I'm maintaining a happy, healthy 135 pounds by the time I start school, but if not, that's ok too! 


  1. Chai Latté // May 28, 2009 at 12:37 PM  

    Wow! SO glad to have you back :-)

    Your picture is gorgeous, also! :-)

    Its so easy to fall off track, and so hard to get back on. So, major major kudos to you for hoppin' back on the health train!

  2. Sweet Copper Penny // May 28, 2009 at 4:20 PM  

    Aaww, thanks Chai! I've been keeping up with you also. Glad to see you are doing well! Thanks about the picture also. I'm done hiding because of my fat. I'm taking pics more often these days!

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