I've been a bad. bad blogger!

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I have been SO busy! All of a sudden I have become the "go to girl" for cakes. I feel bad blogging about my new cake business on a diet blog, but for me cake is not really a temptation. I'm just not a fan really. Now if someone was asking me to make home made ice cream, I'd be in BIG trouble. LOL

Also, my mother in law and two of my nieces were here for a week and that kept me very busy. They left Thursday morning and I gathered the strength to weigh myself on Friday. I was an even 145 lbs. Not bad, considering we ate like monsters and sipped mojitos many nights of the week while she was here. I did, however, manage to work out 6 of the 7 days so I guess it all worked out. Now, I'm back into serious mode since the kids are back in school and my schedule is more normal again. I have a standing restaurant order for 2 of my cakes each week so that keeps me busy too. I'm also starting a pastry class on September 7th that lasts 4 months. I'm super excited about that.

Otherwise, I'm pretty good. My self confidence is growing like crazy and I think that my weight loss and new healthier lifestyle is ironically enough, the biggest reason why my cake business actually started! Here are a few pics of the most recent cakes I made and sold.


  1. jinxxxygirl // August 30, 2009 at 3:27 AM  

    Thats just GREAT Penny! I'm so proud of you. Your just living your life and keeping the weight off too and losing more. Isn't that the ultimate goal? Your cakes are beautiful! Congrats on your weight loss AND your new business!!

    Did you have to go thru all the hassle of getting a business liscense and having your home inspected before you could sell to the public??like that restaurant or does the restaurant let you bake there? Jinx!

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